This is the message to support that I sent just now, that I’m copy-pasting here, so everyone knows why I’ve been quiet. I’m trying, guys, but @staff @support are lazy AF. So, let this serve as an update in the meantime.

Two of my sideblogs from when I had been erroneously terminated by your algorithm are STILL missing. The sideblogs are “hellgod-dark” and “erroriplier”, both of which are in-character blogs that contain writing that matters to me and to my loyal readers (especially “hellgod-dark”, as I had been working hard on moving a significant amount of in-character material to the “hellgod-dark” blog).

I opened a ticket nearly a week ago about the issue of my missing sideblogs, but have received absolutely no response on the matter, despite offering DAILY reminders to the support staff via replies to the ticket. Hence, I am opening a new ticket, so my complaint is more likely to be heard.

I will not rest until ALL my material is recovered. This is YOUR algorithm’s fault for a misfire that nearly nuked EVERYTHING I’ve created on this site, and it’s your job to fix the damage in a reasonable frame of time. If you cannot, then have the decency to inform me of the difficulty, instead of keeping me waiting and wondering if anyone’s actually bothering to read my correspondence. I cannot move forward on my writing projects without recovering the relevant material, and that’s WHY I’m requesting assistance.

I just sent ANOTHER message to @staff @support, slightly altering the above text to reflect that it’s been six days now (7 since the termination misfire), and tacking this additional text on as well:

This is not the first time I’ve dealt with your customer service. The first was in reversing the erroneous termination, and it only took about 24 hours to fix (though I had received no communication beyond one idiot telling me I was using the wrong email address, which I had only used after prior communications on the termination had failed completely). There’s NO excuse whatsoever for keeping me waiting A WEEK this time around, as I know you’re capable of redressing an issue much faster. Your tech support “service” is honestly, appallingly unprofessional.

I would appreciate it if one of you actually has the decency to reply to me this time. I’m losing my patience here, as I need ALL my account information recovered. The sideblogs were intended as gifts to my followers, so that they could communicate with fictional characters I write, and included some of that correspondence, which is important to my worldbuilding. They obviously mean nothing to you, but they are EVERYTHING to me and my most loyal readers.

Please respond promptly and remedy the issue, already.

You know what I love? When a system that is supposed to support their users completely fails to… y’know, support.

Over a week. Still absolutely, positively nothing from them.

@staff @support There is no excuse for this. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Stop dicking around and actually try to provide support.

ETA: You know what? Fuck it. I’m tired of playing nice and being cordial and professional, only to get complete radio silence from these disrespectful fuckers. I just sent this to @support @staff via their support ticket thing.


Oh no, I didn’t stop there. I had more thoughts, so I sent them in the next email for the support ticket just about an hour or so after the previous one.


@support @staff You brought this on yourselves.


@staff@support​ I’m pretty sure your entire staff needs sensitivity training and team-building workshops. Or just a really hard kick in the ass and letting go of the dead-weight employees.

Because this? This is symptomatic of your business’s internal culture. A business that does not respond to a user’s needs has a toxic culture of hacking off its nose to spite its face.

THIS is why you’re losing users. Not because of the porn ban, but because you ignore your users’ legitimate requests for assistance.

In any other company, this matter would have been long resolved by now. But you’re the ones who are choosing to keep this nonsense going.

ETA: I just opened a new ticket that reads:

I have been trying to contact support for the last EIGHT DAYS about my sideblogs that are still not available (hellgod-dark and errorriplier), after my main account had been restored from an erroneous termination.

You half-assed the recovery and are ignoring that the problem isn’t actually solved, is what I’m saying.

I have sent two previous tickets on the matter, only to receive no response at all. I am opening a third ticket specifically BECAUSE you are ignoring me.

I’m not going to be nice, because my patience flew out the window three days ago. Get up off your lazy ass and FIX THE PROBLEM. I will remind you hourly of the issue until my sideblogs are finally restored, because daily reminders obviously weren’t enough.

They sent me a blank response email. How cute.

By that, I mean @staff @support is deliberately being an asshole now.


Guess what response I received to this? If you said a form response, give yourself a cookie.

@staff @support Stop being unhelpful, irritating little fuckers and JUST FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM. This is not rocket science, here. It’s fucking tech support!

Yet another ticket opened to @staff @support. FUCK THESE LAZY APATHETIC ASSHOLES.

My account was falsely terminated nearly two weeks ago. Though the main blog and the sideblog @thewritersadvice were recovered, my two other sideblogs were not.

Nothing I had posted on any of my blogs contained inappropriate material. I’ve been reminding support daily that my other two sideblogs are still missing, but no one has answered me.

I just want my stuff back. ALL OF MY STUFF. Is that really so much to ask for?

And it got a form auto-response. Because of course it fucking did.


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