Pisces through the planets✨

Pisces sun: These individuals were born into this world with a great deal of dreaminess & idealation. They’re often extremely open minded yet all the while feeling as though they don’t “belong” to anything – they feel isolated. They find their talents in creating… shining best when they use their imagination and creative or spiritual gifts. Pisces suns are natural healers, they’re connected to the subconscious and “false realities” in ways many don’t always understand. Be careful to not dive too deep into uncharted waters, though – “too spacey” exists.

Pisces moon: These individuals often lose themselves in the desires, needs, and wants of others – particularly in those they care about and have a hard time filtering others feelings and desires from their own. However, they are often gifted with “sensing” energies, emotions, and in general “things” that others aren’t always aware of which makes this combo especially appealing. They’re often gifted with imaginative qualities and can often disassociate from reality… it’s best, however, to find a sense of grounding and not let yourself get too deep for it can come back to haunt you.

Pisces mercury: These individuals are often gifted with the sense of having “a higher purpose” or some sort of spiritual/higher agenda. Their thoughts and ways of expression are usually forever flowing and changing depending upon their mood and their level of being able to be social… as naturally they are highly sensitive of their environment, the people around them, and the energies they are picking up. Highly imaginative creatures, they are only so tolerable of every day life and can be extreme day dreamers/dreamers. Just be sure to not isolate yourself or get too high in clouds… too much dreaming is only deception.

Pisces mars: These individuals spend a lot of their “action” by day dreaming and going wherever life or others take them. They can be extremely docile and “go with the flow” due to the passive energy of Pisces which in turn can cause a built up of frustration, moodiness, and desire for an outlet of emotion… which can be found in their creative pursuits which they are naturally gifted with. These individuals have a desire for creativity and are often blessed with spiritual and creative talents that give them some sort of expression and purpose… just be aware that going where the wind blows is not action, it’s only a way to avoid said action.

Pisces Venus: These individuals are often quite blessed with having huge hearts for others as well as humanity, animals, the earth, etc. Pisces is nurturing and wants everything to be fair and full of love and compassion… however, this can also lead to deception and them not always seeing the “bad” or “harm” behind others actions, intentions, or energies and when they do see it, it’s not uncommon for them to romanticize the situation and want to nurse that thing/person “back to health.” Just remember that others problems are not yours to fix… for it just makes your problems worse.

Pisces Jupiter: These individuals often have a huge understanding or “inner feeling” that they are destined for something, especially in a more religious, spiritual, or overall “learning” sense… & they are often quite gifted with spiritual talents and sensitivity to energies, emotions, and “things” others might not pick up on. They feel best when they’re on a more religious/spiritual/learning “path” to better themselves and thrive greatly in conditions of compassion, spirituality, healing, and helping others. Just make sure that you understand others have their path as well… and that you’re not entitled.

Pisces Saturn: These individuals will often find that the “past” is a recurring theme within their present for they are constantly revisiting the past and old habits which may lead to a vicious cycle of self pity, emotional prison, and “bad habits” that are often linked to Pisces… you know the habits I’m talking about. It’s important to understand that you are intuitive and powerful, your spiritual and creative gifts are always going to be on your side. You have everything you need to heal because you are a natural healer yourself!! Remember that replaying the past is not healing, it’s only healing when you take action and use your intuition to guide you in order to move on.

Pisces Pluto: These individuals were born into a generation of powerful and spiritual individuals. Pluto is all about transformation and Pisces is here to do that with the spiritual and intuitive gifts in which they possess… quite a powerful combination full of generational healing and intuitive gifts/talents.

Pisces Uranus: These individuals will often possess an energy of being “out of or beyond this world” and may seem as though they are energetically and spiritually on another level of understanding and knowledge. They will likely be focused on healing, evolving spiritually, and “uniting” to become “one with the universe” but don’t let that fool you, these are also quite powerful and rebellious individuals.

Pisces Neptune: These individuals often possess many spiritual, intuitive, and “psychic” gifts which will help spiritually align Earth/the Universe. This generation is here to awaken the world or “earth” spiritually and intuitively through the use of their spiritual gifts and with unity.


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