The journey to self-publishing.

Anonymous asked: “WOAH did you self publish or go through a publisher?”

Self-published. Believe me, I tried to go the traditional publishing route first for a very long time. We (my co-author and I) spent years trying to court publishing houses. We were rejected, not because we’re not good writers, but because agents and publishers didn’t really know what to do with us. (Not even kidding. I was literally told that several times by the people who responded to my queries.)

Griffin Unbowed is in that strange little corner of fiction that rests between urban fantasy and supernatural horror, while also having elements from other genres (ie. “weird fiction”).

But, have no fear! I hold my work to a very high standard, especially my original writing. We spent the last three years editing, re-editing and polishing it till it gleams. And, since we couldn’t just let all that hard work go to waste, we decided to publish it ourselves.

You can find the ebook for pre-order right now on Amazon, but the paperback will be available around the same time as well. Make sure to mark August 6th on your calendar, if you want a copy for yourself! 😀

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