New England
Boston, MA
Worcester, MA
Springfield, MA
Bridgeport, CT
Portland, ME
Lewiston, ME
Bangor, ME
South Burlington, VT
Philadelphia, PA
Buffalo, NY
Jersey City, NJ
Albany, NY
Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Chicago, IL

Detroit, MI

Columbus, OH
Milwaukee, WI
Grand Rapids, MI
Aurora, IL
Rockford, IL
Warren, MI
Galesburg, IL
Sebring, OH


Miami, FL
Tampa, FL
Greensboro, NC
St. Petersburg, FL
Augusta, GA
Jackson, MS
Charleston, SC
Mount Pleasant, SC
Bowling Green, KY
Southaven, MS


High Black population areas

[Image: a screenshot of a tweet from Boing Boing that says “Flint is just the beginning. 33 U.S. cities caught cheating on drinking water lead tests. With a graphic of a map of the U.S., over which is superimposed an icon of a faucet and a glass, over which is superimposed a big red ‘NO’ symbol.]

this is STILL an issue! 

this article is now over 3 years old at this point and we still have lead poisoning in our water.

Well, all the more reason for me to move out of NJ.


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