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I am literally on the verge of angry tears right now, because your “Support” has brought me no end of frustration for over TWO MONTHS. Your team is populated by the most unhelpful, pedantic wankers this side of an episode of the O.C. And instead of actually responding to my requests for help, they instead make comments like this:


I have literally never said this about any Customer Support team in my life before, but I honestly fucking hate you. You are completely vile and disrespectful of your users. 


P.S. Fuck you, Nina, especially.

@support @staff

The most irritating part of being ignored by your staff for two months despite the reminders that I still have a problem that hasn’t been resolved?

I am an indie writer, who is trying to generate buzz for her first novel by giving people something interesting to read and discuss in the meantime. The sideblogs hellgod-dark and erroriplier were intended to be gifts to my readers, so they could ask two of the characters I’ve been writing any questions they like (one being a demonic deity and the other a glitch-based entity). In fact, I had been working on transferring in-character asks to hellgod-dark when you deleted it by mistake. And erroriplier had one lone audio post I’d specially recorded in character for them.

The sideblogs obviously mean nothing to you, but to me? That’s my livelihood you’re messing with. So, I think I have every right to be as salty as I am over the matter, when your Support team has done nothing but be a constant thorn in my side from their distinctly unhelpful and dismissive behaviour.

It means nothing to you, but it means everything to me and my readers. Hellgod-dark especially, was supposed to be unveiled during an important in-universe anniversary in June. Thanks for spoiling that by terminating my account, causing me to nearly go into a nervous breakdown, then “restoring” my account with my sideblogs still gone, then ignoring me and generally making my life a living hell, you disrespectful, arrogant jerks.


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