The second girl at least read the book to confirm that it was shit, she even had Capote on deck as backup. Chick 1 is just lazy

Nope. Girl 2 saw that Girl 1′s absolutely accurate analysis was being shut down just because it wasn’t stated in an intellectual way (in spite of its validity). So Girl 2 reinforced Girl 1′s opinions in solidarity and made sure that it was absolutely clear that Girl 1 was factually correct. WITHOUT taking credit for her observations (”kim is right” instead of “Actually, kim”)  

Girls supporting Girls. 

Girls not letting other girls be treated poorly.

Not only that, but the book is only 47 pages long. When she read only 30 pages, it’s not as though she only read one chapter. She read a majority of the book.

i’m sorry you’re telling me Kerouac took three weeks to write 47 pages? seriously??? fuckin amateur

A printed page is approximately 250 words. 47 pages is 11,750 words. That’s approximately 559 words a day for three weeks, which would be an entirely average speed for professional writers.

Which is all just to say that On The Road isn’t 47 pages, lmao, the PDF @toweroflondon linked to is 47 pages because it doubles. The actual book is over 200 pages, closer to 50k words. The first draft was 90k words written in those three weeks, which makes a lot more sense, considering Jack Kerouac was just saying shit that sounded good.

Which is pretty much what y’all do on Tumblr.

Except nobody’s turning their Tumblr shitposts into a novel, and having that novel be declared The Great American Novel that you absolutely must read before you die.

Because that’s all On the Road is; one giant drug-fueled shitpost worshipped by guys who playact at being cool.

Lol, I’m sorry you were assigned homework you didn’t like, but it really truly isn’t that serious.

It was never assigned as homework when I was in high school (which is over 18 years ago now), due to the content. No, it’s a book I read for myself years later, after hearing so much hype about it and seeing that a film had been made.

So, no, it ain’t that deep. It’s just a garbage book.

I mean, alright. Scalding hot take on a 62yo novel. Send tweet.

Age is a number and nothing more. Good stories are timeless.

#u mad bro?

Lol, from my above post, you can maybe gather that I don’t particularly like the book, either. I’m just laughing at your defense of shit-posting bad information while propping up your subjective opinion as fact with your little followers.

Since you seem to be trying to make a living in literature, I’d advise you to try your hardest not to wrap your brand too much around the idea of criticizing other authors, alive or dead. I can imagine that you probably wouldn’t want a peer of yours deliberately insulting one of your vampire police procedurals. 

Have fun here on Tumblr dot com!

kerouac sucks kyle

And heavens forfend an author have an opinion on another author’s work. Because it’s not like any author has ever had an opinion on another author.

Oh wait.

[Image: Stephen King says Stephenie Meyer “can’t write worth a darn,” from the Guardian]
[Image: Romance author Jenny Trout says E.L. James “needs to shut her ignorant mouth about abuse,” from Trout’s website]
[Image: Lewis and Tolkien argued over (among other things) “the quality of the Narnia books,” from]

Seriously, @therealklt. You really need to grow up and accept that opinions exist. If you don’t, you’re gonna have a really bad time on the internet.

Also: You really think I’m defending shitposting? Or that I’m treating my own personal opinion as a writer as fact? Wow, your reading comprehension really sucks. No wonder you’re a Kerouac fanboy.

(And no, I don’t buy that you’re not a fanboy of his. You’ve been hostile to me from the beginning, over an opinion we supposedly share, ie. that Kerouac’s writing is bad.)


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