Commenting fanfiction is the easiest thing in the world once you start doing it. 

I leave a comment on every single fic I read. Sometimes when I read published books I go and leave a comment somewhere the author can find it. Granted, I literally majored in ‘leaving comments on fics’ (English Education), but once you start doing it it just becomes second nature. Now you’re gonna go to the Ozymandias school of leaving comments: 

Problem: I can’t leave kudos again.

Beginner: This is a second/third/fourth Kudos

Advanced: This is my second/third/fortieth time reading this, I still love it so much. Here are a few new things I noticed. I like the way you personally do x, y, z compared to other authors I’ve read (in this ship/genre/fandom).

Problem: I don’t know what to say 🙁

Beginner: Just list what you did to read this fic. “I stayed up late reading this”, “I read this on a crowded train”, “this kept me company while sick”. 

Advanced: X,Y,Z parts made me get butterflies, and I had a physical reaction to this part of the story, I squealed outloud when characters did x,y,z. I blushed at this part. I laughed out loud here. Whatever. 

Problem: I’m embarrassed to leave a comment (what if I annoy the author?)

Beginner: Short answer: you won’t EVER annoy the author (unless you’re needlessly mean) But to start, be generic, you don’t have to spill your soul in the comments section. “I liked this” “I enjoyed reading this” “nice fic”.

Advanced: This really meant a lot to me that you wrote this. This is something I feel like I’ve always wanted to read. This fic hit me in all the right places. Etc. 

Problem: I don’t know how to express myself/my experience 

Beginner: My beginners go to is to highlight a line, put that in your comment and say “i liked this” or to identify basic emotions you had while reading and comment those “this made me happy” “this part made me sad” “i almost cried” “you made me laugh” 
Advanced: “Highlighted line” This line made me smile because it has to do with character development/it’s really romantic/it’s so unique/it’s moving. Sometimes I don’t highlight a line at all, I just talk about the stuff I’ve noticed were unique to the fic. “I love the way you did this particular thing with this character”. 

This? This is an amazing post. This is the Captain Awkward of commenting posts—it addresses all your fears directly and gives you actionable scripts for each one.


When in doubt? Smash the living daylights out of your keyboard. 

No, I’m not exaggerating. “ASHSHHFPODSUUFDNFLKDLLKCVB I LOVED THIS HOW DARE YOU DO THAT THING TO THAT CHARACTER I LIKE YOU RIPPED MY HEART OUT aaaaaaaaaaaaskdfcdsfklbdsfhklsvb” is still a kudo, and it still counts as a comment.

Seriously. You make authors happy when you simply respond. No matter how weird/awkward you think you are, you’re absolutely are not as bad as you think. And you’ll definitely brighten you favourite author’s day… and seeing your enthusiastic little comment might even inspire them to add another chapter or fic.

We don’t expect you to painstakingly labour over every line of your comment to formulate the perfect response. That’s for us to do, as the neurotic creatives; not for you as the reader to worry over. We only care about whether or not you’re engaged in our work.

So, show you’re engaged. Kudo, comment, reblog, tag if you liked it. It’s all we ask for our efforts.


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