Write, draw, sing.

Create something that’s fun. Sketch terribly, write something that doesn’t make sense. Sing about something random.

Have fun creating something. Do it for yourself. We get so caught up with doing things to get better, to be the best or to make money.

Yeah them things are good. But they become a chore you’re not having fun doing them. Plus when your having fun and experimenting you’re learning.

You might experiment with a new art media and discover you really enjoy working with it so you do more pieces.

You might write a random sentence or paragraph that sparks another idea that you’ll write later.

You might come up with a song idea or hit that note you couldn’t before. You might come up with a really fun song to share with others.

Experiment. Create. Enjoy.


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Mostly, I write stuff. And, like the Egyptians and the Internet, I put cat pictures on my walls. Also, I can read your Tarot.