I got The Hunt!


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I’m the Spiral.

“This entity is fear of madness, that your world isn’t right, that your mind is lying to you. It deals with deception, lying, deceiving the mind and senses.

“The Spiral is one of the fourteen main Entities. The Spiral is among the most mysterious, largely due to its nature, which involves distortion, impossible geometry and maddening realms and dimensions. The Spiral’s motivations are not yet fully known, however it has been shown to create areas of distortion in our world.

“Symbols of The Spiral: spirals, mirrors, endless hallways, twisting in impossible ways, the overwhelming feeling that nothing is right or makes sense, endless labyrinths, broken glass, a door that seems to get farther away the faster you run to it, a leering grin, funhouse mirrors whose inhabitants reach out to grab you.“


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