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Hello, Vampire Chronicles fans.

Sit down. We need to have a chat.

You see, while some people are very much excited for a new show about our pompous king of the assholes (and I say this as a term of endearment, having loved Lestat since I was a depressed teenager living in New York, shuffling through my mom’s fiction section) we need to pause and remember this:

Anne Rice does not support fan fiction or anything that is not glowing praise.

Read it again, slowly.

Anne Rice does not support fan fiction or anything that is not glowing praise.

This is difficult for younger fans to understand, but let’s take a walk down memory lane.

She has threatened to sue writers in the past. She is one of the most prolific writers of our generation, and she does not support people using her characters for their own work.

In fact, in 2000 she went on a binge-attack against her fans. She threatened legal action against fans who wrote or drew her characters, but especially those who wrote with them. She sent them weeks of harassing letters and doxxed them on the internet.

Let me repeat that.

She doxxed people who wrote fan fiction.

She harassed them online and threatened to contact employers.

She used her fans to outright attack other fans.

This isn’t even something she can just shake off now, with the comment of “It was so long ago” because she did this to a writer who wrote commentary on her story in 2013.

In 2013.

While it was not that she wrote fan fiction, she still shows that she has no respect for people who are in fandom.

Remember those disclaimers used in fan fics, at the beginning? “I do not own …. ”? Yeah, a lot of that has to do with the fact that Anne Rice and others like her would attack fandoms and threaten them, and was in hopes that they would just leave us alone. She didn’t.

In short: Do not trust Anne Rice. I love her writing, I have read every book she has even written, but I do not trust her.

You shouldn’t, either.

Anne Rice was and still is a bully. Don’t support her work.


Don’t not take this seriously either. She hunted down fan fictions on small privately hosted web pages as well. She doesn’t care if you put the disclaimer in the top.

She hates fan fiction and WILL try to sue you. DO NOT think this is a joke, real people received real legal paperwork from her. And this happened about ten years ago, so it wasnt a super long time ago.

Anne Rice isn’t the only one in this club. Diana Gabaldon has compared fanfiction to putting her characters into “white slavery.” George R. R. Martin has also spoken out about fanfiction, but Rice takes the cake for rejecting any criticism of her work along with banning any and all fanfiction based on her work.

However, according to copyright law fanfiction is considered a transformative work, and therefore is considered fair use.

Support the Organization for Transformative Works, who “serve the interests of fans by providing access to and preserving the history of fanworks and fan culture in its myriad forms.”

That Amazon review was, like, the most hilariously amazing thing to ever happen in fandom.  I wasn’t even in Anne Rice fandom, I’m not sure anyone I knew was, but it caused glee far and wide.  “Interrogating the text from the wrong perspective” became the go-to catchphrase but, I, for one, think nothing matches the utterly batshit beauty of “you have strained my Dickensean principles to the max.”

Annette Curtis Klause, Robin Hobb (who also writes as Megan Lindholm), and Robin McKinley likewise take issue with fanfic. In “The Fan Fiction Rant,” available  in its entirety on, Hobb refers to fanfic as “identity theft.”

Do not let fandom history be forgotten. Always remember. Always pass this on.

Anne McCaffrey was the same, to the point where she told fans that they could write in her worlds, as long as there was no gay stuff ™.

For real. She told them that.

I’m such a fandom old I remember Wendi and Richard Pini going out of their way to make their characters accessible to fans, but still telling them they had to slap three paragraphs of carefully written disclaimers all over everything. Like, even for fanart. You wanted to draw Cutter and Skywise doing the do? You had to put that disclaimer on it somehow.

AO3 and the current creator-reactions to fanfic are so, so very new. Don’t ever forget how privileged we are to be here.

And NEVER trust Anne Rice. She batshit crazy, fam.

Yeah, but am I the only person who kind of wants to see the Interview fic ramp up anew just to watch Rice come up against the gargantuan that is Hugo Award Winner AO3’s legal team?

I will always reblog this information. Anne Rice wrote one of my favorite books, but holy G-D, she’s barking mad.

I was just thinking before I reached the end of this post that someone should make a facebook event called “Post your Vampire Chronicles fan fictions just to piss off Anne Rice Day” like when everyone stared to harass the bean sculpture in Chicago to piss off that one artist guy.

Oh god, yes! Purely for the memes, if nothing else!

Storm AO3 with Vampire Chronicles Fanfic. Anne Rice can’t stop all of us.

Let’s see dem vamp diddies.”


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