I will use AHWM and Everything is Fire in Fandoms along with my respective tags, though this is of course on the chance I don’t just try to flowchart everything the first day and have to go through it and need to continue for a few days. I will like anything I find to reblog later though! On that occurrence which is very, very likely my blog will be spoiler free!


My blog wont be spoiler free, but I will use ‘ahwm’ and ‘a heist with markiplier’ on both of my blogs


Reblog if your blog will be AHWM spoiler free until at least November 1st

This means no posting or reblogging: screenshots, gifs, memes, art, theories, etc.

You can still share a link to the main video itself

I hope to be spoiler free but, if I do reblog something AHWM, I will be using the vid: a heist with markiplier tag (seen in the tag list below). I will also try to come up with a suitable spoilers tag, for the people who want some AHWM info but don’t want full spoilers.


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