Date a cryptic much older than you can comprehend. He’s had many forms and bodies, forever drifting in the void, since the start of time. He has been worshiped as a god, and seen as a failure, though still he has persevered. Date a cryptic who has had the world at his feet before, whose soul is vast and powerful and ancient, yet with you, he feels that power. Your soul is young, new, just getting used to this world and its magicks, and everything that is darkness to him is light to you. You show him the world and all it’s wonders that he has forgotten, reintroduce him to the small pleasures of life such as a warm drink on a rainy day and flower buds in the springtime. He had forgotten the world was beautiful, until he was shown it though your young eyes. Date a cryptic who you’re teaching to love the world around him once more.

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