At 20, I thought my life was over.

I was a college dropout, working a crap job, still stuck in an abusive household, and I had been recently dumped by my boyfriend in the most callous and manipulative possible way.

At 29, after coming out of the hospital, I realized it didn’t have to be over. That your story’s never truly over.

At 32, I published my first book. Later that year, I (finally!) found a new love, after having spent so much time alone.

At 35, I married that same man I met 3 years before.

Now, my books and music have finally begun to sell a little and I’ve started my Youtube channel. It may not be perfect, and I may not have achieved my goals, but that’s because I’m just getting started.

Your life is never truly over until you say it is. And, at 36, mine has just begun.

What about you?


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