Ok so this thing;

Had me vibrating and hyperventilating more than anything else in the trailer, and I think its design tells us ALOT about what’s really the purpose behind this heist.

I say this b/c as the unapologetic cosmic horror freak that I am lemme tell ya… HOO DOGGIE is the design of that thing HELLA ancient mystical and Lovecraftian.  So it’s got me thunkin… what if this whole heist is to steal this thing b/c (Actor) Mark knows that it and it alone holds the requisite eldtritch power to be able to effectively thwart and/or defeat Dark, thus ridding Mark of his biggest “problem” once and for all?

IDK, just the first thing that popped in my head; I honestly can’t wait the 7 days that stand between us and this insane masterpiece!!  😘😁👏👏

Yup. I can agree with this theory. Nothing good’s gonna come of stealing that thing from the museum.


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