Ok so I was curious about the item we will be stealing from the museum. And in the middle of the work of art? I don’t know what it is but I searched the symbol on the thing.


So Google says that this is a Celtic Knot, specifically a Triquetra. Above is another image of one. And google says it “symbolize and honor the Mother, Maiden and Crone of the neo-pagan triple goddess. It signifies the three life-cycles of a woman in relation to the phases of the moon. In more recent times, it has come to be recognized as a symbol for ‘The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit’.” Some use this a protective symbol. So is this symbol meant to protect the blue crystal from anyone trying to get it? I don’t know.

Now look at this:


Rosanna has a gun pointed at us that looks a lot like the blue light emanating from the crystal. First of all why is she pointing a weapon at us and second of all do we get the crystal to her so she can make it? She looks like a genius, scientist person! Maybe Mark and us get paid for doing that?

But I am also curious on why we are stealing it, why Mark even cares for it? And what is the motive here? Does he want the whole thing or just the crystal. Or is this whole situation is to lure us to the museum. I’m thinking of that Simpsons meme, “I’m in danger” right now! Also another question, did we respond to a craigslist post by Mark saying hey anyone feel like robbing a museum? Like what would make a sane person say yes? Anyways this is all I have for now. 

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My personal theory is that we’re going time travelling. Or multi-dimensional hopping, because think about it, we hear Actor Mark (most likely in the past), we hear Dark (?) in the end of the trailer, we literally see Matpat look like a caveman, there are zombies. 

I mean. idk man

Oh I do love a good intrigue!

This makes me even more excited for tomorrow!!

I honestly think Mark has probably taken the Kitchen Sink approach to this.

(As in throwing in “everything but the…”)

Time travel? Sure.

Magical artifact that has a mysterious purpose and does all sorts of hinky shit? Absolutely.

Weird and crazy scifi misadventures? You got it!

Trapped on a desert island with MatPat (who’s now gone loco after too many FNAF theories)? Why the heck not?

Egos? You betcha!

We’re in for a real treat, folks.


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