I, uh. Wrote more random self-indulgent vampire!Dark ‘cause I be like that…


Warnings: vampires (and therefore all related biting and blood drinking and stuff), kidnapping, nothing sexy but it’s just kinda. Slightly sensual. Ish.

(Again. I be like that. >>;;)

I am a self-indulgent melodramatic thot fight me.


It could be worse. You suppose.

The room is small, but comfortable. Plush carpet, a soft bed
with a draped canopy and warm covers, an armchair and a small stack of books on
the desk beside it.

The walls are stone and the only window little more than a
slit, and barred at that. Your ankle is raw and chaffed from where the metal
shackle around it rubbed while you senselessly paced your prison.

And then there’s him.

It could be worse.

He treats you… not exactly kindly. He fucking kidnapped
you in the first place, after all. And every evening, when the sun goes down
and the last orange rays filtering through the narrow window fade, he comes to
your room and…

You raise your fingers to your throat, feeling the torn and
tender flesh.

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This was amazing! <3


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