An incredibly dumb thought came to me when I figured out how to solve the password for Dark said that he put in the secret codes into every adventure in this story. HE put the codes in HIMSELF.

For a while I’ve been wondering. Mark said that William, the Actor, and Damien are basically characters borne out of different aspects of himself. And so I was wondering how the hell then does Dark relate to Mark’s charitable side? If Dark is a mutation of Damien, corrupted and angry, what does that say about Mark and his charity? Well, I’ve got it! It all makes sense to me now! Because of this stray thought because of Dark’s ending with the heist!

Willford is boundless, unrestrained creativity. With no one to hold him back or to make him settle down, he will do the most outlandish wild things, even if that means violence. Wilford is in essence the love for creating and imagination.

The Actor is unrestrained ego. He is charisma and the face and the smile that you adore. The Actor is the one you see on the screen and while the other two are always there and are always present, the Actor is the one who gets the credit. The Actor is what you see, but that is also all he is. A transient face. The Actor is in essence the love for Mark’s own self. But not necessarily in a narcissistic sense either. Because in order to know who you want to be and what you need to do to make yourself happy, you must learn to love yourself too. Or at least the person you want and pretend to be.

Dark IS restraint. He is knowledge and patience and anger and restlessness and rules and order. Dark operates unseen, unknown and unacknowledged. He may indulge himself every once in a while, but he has work to do. And the work is never over. Besides indulgence is what the other two are for. Dark cares more and more deeply than the either two do. He is the restraint that keeps the other two from doing anything that they will regret. He keeps us, the audience from ever getting hurt. He may play games, but ultimately keeps us from seeing the worst of the world. Dark is in essence the love for others and the audience especially.

Another way to put this. Wilford is the writer. Mark is the performer. Dark is the editor.

Dark IS the editor! Of course Dark’s always mad! He’s the editor! He’s the one who has to do the freaking WORK! He has to tie everything together. Make everything cohesive. Make it not insufferable for the audience. Because he cares about the audience. He has to schedule. He has to think. That’s why Dark is his charitable side. He cares about the audience. He cares about everyone! And he might get sour about it, but he cares, you know? In the end all three parts need one another to be the Mark that we all genuinely love.

Another way to put it, in Freudian psychology terms:

Wilford’s the id, the creative force, the unrestrained desire within the whole of the unconscious mind, the internal wants and needs unfiltered.

The Actor is the ego, the force that helps the id’s desires to be expressed in the real world in a productive way, the force that aid the id’s creativity coming to life, and the desire for recognition.

Dark is the superego, the force of logic and rules that bind one’s being internally, the instrument by which we check our impulsive behaviours against who it may hurt, the “bad guy” and “rules lawyer” of the human mind by which we edit ourselves. He’s the one that the id and ego constantly attempt to bypass in service of themselves.

Of course, he’s mad. He has to steer this ship of fools.


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