I have started both a GoFundMe and a Patreon!

I decided to create both, so you can have options. GoFundMe is great for people who would like to donate but can’t pay monthly. Patreon is for great for people who can pay monthly, even so low as $1 a month, who get to see my art before I post it anywhere else! This is to give back to you who support me!

Thank you all so much and please spread the word! You’re all amazing! ❤️

Links: GoFundMe / Patreon 


Hey, please read this. It would mean a lot

It’s me, Rose, the op behind the Halloween post that surprised me with how popular it got!!

As you all know, my mental health has not been doing so good this past year. That is mostly due to the fact that my living situation has been hell. My parents are verbally and emotionally abusive and I’ve been under constant stress to find a job in order to move out. They are constantly, constantly, belittling me and blaming me for their problems. They’ve called me every curse words under the sun. They tell me I don’t care about them and threaten that my life would be better off if they were dead. I can’t handle the abuse anymore and I have to get out of this house before I break.

Here in NY, rent is expensive. I’m struggling right now to find a job to even pay my parents rent. I’m scared that if I don’t find one soon, they’ll kick me out or I’ll be in their debt. I have to start paying them rent by next month I believe. However, I don’t want to pay to have to live in this shithole. I want to be able to live on my own. I’m trapped here and I would appreciate it with all my heart if you guys would help me out.

If I set up a GoFundMe page, please, would anyone be willing to donate? Even if everyone donated $1, it would add up and it would mean the world to me! Words can’t express how grateful I am for all of the positive messages you guys send me everyday!! And words could never express my graditude if you all helped me out.

Please understand that you have every right to donate nothing! The last thing I want to do is ask for money from people who desperately need it as well. If you would so kindly reblog this though, get the message out there, that’s just as helpful!!

I love all of you guys, you all make my day better, so please, let me know if it’s worth it to make a GoFundMe ❤️ —Rose

I don’t have the funds left to help, but this wonderful artist has brought so much joy with her Halloween post and completely deserves a little extra love and support from those who can give it. <3


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