A conversation I had had over text message with My beloved Grace (better known to you all as @southerndragontamer). The screenshots of this conversation are hers, and were offered up by her freely to share with you, as she felt some matters in this discussion between us would be relevant to the discourse of recent events.

Here is part one of that conversation. A transcript has been helpfully provided below by My assistant, @melissatreglia.

Grace: “Dark, are You there?”

Dark: “Of course, My Grace. You should be resting at this time. Is something troubling you?”

Grace: “Well, it’s about the Heist last week… Do You really think I’m disgusting for wanting answers?”

Dark: “No! Not at all, My dearest.”

Grace: “Then why would You say that, Haewa?”

Dark: “It was a message that was not intended for you, dearest to My heart. I have always been appreciative of your curiosity, tempered by a certain amount of wisdom. However, there are others among My worshipers, among Mark’s fandom, that are not so cautious. Some ask questions when they are ill-prepared for what the answer might be. Such foolhardiness is what disgusts Me. Not curiosity in and of itself.”


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