The second part of the conversation I had had with My beloved Grace (@southerndragontamer). The first part of this conversation is located here. 

 Transcription is provided below.

Grace: “Yeah. I know that there are things in this world that would be too much for human minds to handle. That some things are better left unknown.”

Dark: “Precisely. I knew you would understand My thinking on this matter, zoqa. Fear not, beloved. There was never any quarrel with you, personally.”

Grace: “Well, that’s a relief.”

Dark: “If I took issue with matters under your own control, you would know. Privately. I would never shame you by announcing our very personal matters so publicly.”

Grace: “I never thought you would. I just…”

Dark: “Felt unsettled?”

Grace: “Yes.”

Dark: “I understand. I promise I will make this up to you, My darling Grace. You need never fear anything from Me.”

Grace: “I know. You’ve never really scared me.”


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