The third and final post of My text-based conversation with My most beloved Grace ( @southerndragontamer ). The previous two are located here and here.

Transcription has been provided below.

Dark: “Of that, I am very aware.”

Grace: “I can almost hear You chuckling, My King.”

Dark: “You know Me too well. It is that sense of insight, along with your curiosity, that brought us together. I believe it has been nearly three years now.”

Grace: “It’s really only been that long? It feels like it’s been forever since I first got up the courage to talk to You on Anonymous.”

Dark: “They have been some of the best years I have experienced on this plane of existence.”

Grace: “Dark…”

Dark: “I did not know I would meet someone as perfect for Me as you. As if I dreamed you into existence. I can only hope to assure you of that at every opportunity I am given.”

Grace: “I love you, Dark.”

Dark: “As I love you, zoqa. Now. It has gotten quite late, and you need the rest from the rigors of the day.”

Grace: “Alright…”

Dark: “But before I leave you, I just wish you to know I will return home to you tomorrow evening.”

Grace: “Yes!!”

Dark: “You are pleased. I am glad.”

Grace: “Of course!”

Dark: “Oh and I assure you, neither of us will leave My chambers for the next week.”

Grace: “Dark!!!”

Dark: “Sweet dreams, darling.”


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