“Dark, I don’t even know much etiquette for *humans* let alone any other kind of Being! I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’ve never been good at hiding all my emotions.” I bite my lip hard and run a hand through my hair. “I just, I’m nervous…I can’t let You down *especially now.* or I’d feel like the biggest failure of a Mate, let alone a Queen-Consort. And there’s that thing! I don’t feel like I fit in high places so to speak.” I sigh softly. “I just…I don’t want to disappoint You, Haewa.”

(He gives her a gentle hush, and holds her close.)

I know, dearest. It’s quite alright to feel afraid or uncertain. You would not be human if you did not feel that way towards something new, beyond your ‘comfort zone’.

You won’t disappoint Me, dearest, so long as you try. 

To that end, to make your adjustment easier, I am hiring you a tutor who will teach you the proper etiquette, as well as the… shall we say, ‘basics’ of governance. She is a teacher at a very prestigious charm school. 

(He hands her a paper with a name and phone number on it.)

When you have worked it out in your mind, give her a call. She will be very happy to help.


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