“Dark…” I sigh softly. “I know You do, I get it. I just…You know me, I’ve never seen myself as important than anyone else. Like I matter more than anyone else. I just see myself as normal, I guess. I know, I know. Normality is *way* behind me at this point and honestly overrated but You understand what I mean.” Then I reach up and boop Dark softly with a light pout. “And You would know I have no true sense of pride, false or real. I wasn’t saying that out of confidence but worry for You.”

(He grumbles, but ultimately concedes.)

I do know you, dearest, better than you think. And you are important. You are very important to Me, indeed.

(He gives a slight chuckle at her “boop” of His nose, and catches her hand, kissing it gently.)

Your place is by My side, and that makes you more important than you might be able to imagine now.

It might not seem like it, but you do have worth. Even if I was never here, if we’d never met, you would still matter greatly to your friends. To those who love you, you matter.


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