Dark….when did You know You were in love with Grace? And congrats on the proposal It was so cute!!!!

Thank you. It was something I had been planning for awhile. Though I knew what her answer would be, nonetheless, there was still a humbling moment of doubt.

I have had moments where I had been physically weak, moments where I had been powerless despite My best efforts, but I’ve never doubted Myself before. And, on the face of it, for a reason one might find silly.

After all, she has reiterated many a time how much she loves Me. As I love her.

(He ponders, His expression becoming thoughtful.)

It is hard to say the precise moment when I first fell in love with her, though the moment I knew I could never dream of hurting her was when we had our first date at the coffee shop.

I believe Melissa recently released a retelling of the events on her Tumblr page.

Ah. Here it is.

But perhaps I loved Grace from the first, without truly knowing that I had been ensnared by her humble, utterly human charms.


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