Do You have any kids? What do they think of Miss Grace?

There is the glitch demon you know as Antisepticeye. He had been abandoned by his maker, and that is how I found him – angry and alone. Anti has been My foster child ever since. It seems he has taken quite well to the lessons I’ve taught him about his demonic nature. He struggles within himself from time to time, but he does his best. I find his determination quite admirable.

I also have a daughter, Meg. She was human, but I gave her new life as a demon, and she has been with Me for the last two years now. She is as beautiful as she is fierce, and I am very proud to see how far she has come.

Though they are both adults in the human, biological sense, in demon terms they are both still very young children who need their Papa.

They are both quite fond of My darling Grace, and have taken to calling her their mother.


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