Do You like classic music? I know a lot of us think that You do Dark, also that You play piano *very* well

(His almost coal-black eyes seem to light up at the question.)

Indeed, I do. I enjoy most types of music, in fact.

My first ever exposure to music was in your own Earthly dimension, that first song being one sung by Aretha Franklin. She remains to this day My favourite vocalist.

But I have loved music ever since that first moment. It doesn’t matter what it is, really, as most compositions that I have found have appealed to Me in one fashion or another.

Classical. Pop. Rock. Country. Blues. Metal. And many, many other genres.

(He seems more animated about this particular subject. Though He is still managing to be somewhat restrained and maintain His dignity, He is nonetheless clearly excited about sharing His passion.)

In regards to classical music specifically, I enjoy Beethoven’s work the most. The passion, the intensity, both of ecstasy and of pain, can be felt in his work more clearly than I’ve ever heard in any other form of art.

For piano, Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique is quite the emotional journey, and the 2nd movement of it is beautifully romantic. As is his more famous Moonlight Sonata.

But, in all honesty, there is so much music in your world and with more being composed and released every day. Even if I devoted myself entirely to listening to it all for the next thousand years, I still would not have heard everything.

(He smiles.)

You mortals don’t give yourselves nearly enough credit for your boundless creativity, that you continue to find new ways to express. There are few worlds that revel in the act of creating such fine, ephemeral beauty as yours.


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