I do not need a bodyguard My King! I don’t want anyone getting hurt because of me, especially You! You’re too important to me Haewa…

(He raises an eyebrow at her protest.)

And you are far too important to Me, zoqa, to risk yourself on the horns of false pride. Especially, given the times when I cannot be there… or My attention may be otherwise diverted.

You are to be My Queen, after all. And a Queen must have a proper Queensguard. Being a ruler – and a mortal one, at that – is a risky business, My love. Your Queensguard will protect you with their lives, because that is what they are trained for.

These last few years, I have kept you in the relative safety of anonymity. That will end with our wedding… and your coronation.

(He sighs.)

In the meantime, do put some of My gifts I have already bequeathed you to good use when needed, My love. I will not have you in danger when you have the option to be somewhere safe and out of harm’s way.

Believe Me, dearest. You will not be packed away in bubble wrap. We will travel many worlds together, and there are many (highborn and low) who will wish to meet their new Queen. It will be important to travel in comfort and safety.

Allow Me My worries, dearest. I have good reason.


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