Let me see if this goes through instead of the links I sent last time. Music I think You’d like Dark Celldweller-So Long Sentiment and Precious One Lana Del Rey-Dark Paradise Halsey-Control

Ah. I was wondering why I had received no music, after that question was asked. Perhaps the Tumblr algorithm does not particularly like having links appended to questions.

At any rate, here are the songs you suggested to Me, along with My considered opinion on each.

Celldweller – “So Long Sentiment”

The instrumentation reminds Me of the darkwave duo Collide, which I very much enjoy, though there seems to be an electronic dance influence there as well. 

The vocals are fair, but I feel a stronger voice would have suited the lyrics better and offered more variation. Perhaps a verse delivered by a growler like Orphanage’s George Oosthoek, for example. 

For what it is, I can certainly appreciate it, but I feel that it had possibilities to be even better.

Celldweller – “Precious One”

I can hear more of a metal influence in this one. The vocals are also better here, as well, with the alternation between clean vocals and screams offering more variation for the listener. I quite like it.

I believe I shall place this one on My Spotify playlist.

Lana Del Rey – “Dark Paradise”

Ah, yes. I have heard a little of this young lady’s work before. She has a world-weary quality to her voice that is fascinating to hear in someone who is still so young. 

She reminds Me of a more morose Dusty Springfield. Both her image and her music have a sort of style that is somewhere between old Hollywood glamour and the more literary Gothic tradition.

Another for the playlist, I believe.

Halsey – “Control”

Hmmm. I feel as if there is a disconnect between the singer and the song. She sounds as if she’s desperately trying to convince herself that she is “bigger than her demons”, and her delivery lacks the ferocity one would expect with such unrelenting lyrics and downbeat musical accompaniment. She sounds too much like a child for Me to believe her.

Ah, well. You tried, Halsey dear. Perhaps you can revisit the song, and give it its due, when you are a little older.


Thank you for these recommendations, My anonymous friend. My critiques aside, I did rather enjoy the experience.


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