Um, S-Sir ? If it’s okay to ask, how did You meet Grace? You seem like You’ve known her a long long time

(He smiles, a fond, gentle expression on His normally severe features at the mention of His beloved’s name.)

We met when I first… shall we say, commandeered… @melissatreglia‘s Tumblr blog in August 2017. Grace was one of several anonymous individuals at that time, and she asked Me whatever questions came to her mind.

When Grace started her own blog, we spoke more frequently. Melissa was, more often than not, happy to surrender control of her account so I could spend more time with Grace.

(He chuckles.)

Of course, that is not the full story. We did go out on several dates. Not quite as frequently as either of us would like, of course, but in between multiple… crises… that had been ongoing.

Currently, Grace splits her time between an apartment she shares with her friends and My home in the Shadow Realm.

(He gives a diffident shrug.)

Melissa, who is in My employ as My assistant, set up this Tumblr blog specifically for Me and transferred all the old questions I had answered from her blog to this one.

You are always free to read the archived posts if you wish to know more.


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