Wait…you’re *that* Dark? The one with the Hostage thing from Darktober those few years back? Huh, didn’t expect You to change this much….good goin’ Sir

Indeed, I am. For whatever you may consider that information to be worth.

Melissa has, as one can imagine, not quite forgiven Me for that occasion. Nor do I imagine that she ever will. But we have an understanding, nonetheless. 

(He shrugs.)

I do not regret the choices I have made before and since, as I had My reasons, but Grace’s presence in My life has nonetheless influenced Me as much as I have influenced her.

She is a reminder to Me, to try to see through a mortal’s eyes, to see from such a small perspective where everything is so much larger and more significant. Where one can be easily overwhelmed, and emotions and ties of the heart can command over all else.

Mark taught Me how to walk in this world, and Grace taught Me to have more care for the people in it.

And, as I noticed many on Tumblr like to garnish their communications with animated images, I believe I’ve found the perfect one for this response.


Humourous gifs aside, even the Gods can change.


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