What’s something You’d like to do with Your fiancé? You mentioned traveling to worlds? You can go through dimensions? I think she missed that part

Oh, she’s fully aware of that. It is not the first time I’ve mentioned – or displayed – My travel abilities.

But, as to places I’d like to take her? Well…

(He smiles.)

There are many worlds, many dimensions, many places to see and endless possibilities lying in wait. Some are certain to delight her.

There is the habitable moon of a gas giant, not unlike your Saturn, where the megafauna are plentiful due to the abundance of oxygen in the atmosphere. There, the dragons and wyverns are kings of the skies.

The dragons are also quite intelligent and, if you are brave enough, are willing to offer a ride.

There is a world where the sky is a pale lavender, and the clouds are the consistency of cotton candy, while its twin suns smile over an endless sea. The water is quite acidic, I’m afraid, but it gleams like liquid gemstone when the suns are at the right angle.

There are worlds within your own world, such as the great ruins of Xibalba. An underground Mesoamerican city forgotten by history and consigned to myth and legend. There, the histories of the hidden peoples who share this planet with you have been carefully preserved in the rock and layers of dust.

There is the dimension of Olympia, where the gods worshiped by the ancient Hellenes live to this very day, a world that exists outside the flow of time. My Grace has compared us to Hades and Persephone many a time. Perhaps she would enjoy meeting the happy couple.

There are worlds of beauty that cannot be described in human tongues, where towers as high as small moons pierce black skies like rapiers.

There is also a world with nothing but shrimp. I tired of that one quickly.


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