What’s Your Inc. like? Have You met the newest three Egos yet?

The offices you know as “Ego Inc.” (which is not its real name) are run much like any business, though we do have sub-basement levels that require security clearance. We are a non-profit venture focusing on public health and safety, and our current 501©(3) filing remains valid until March of 2022.

There is in our offices, among other things, a rather sizable library. It was the Host’s idea to have one, and we also have picture books and reading material in Braille, as well as audiobooks for those who struggle with the printed word.

I am, functionally, the CEO/COO of “Ego Inc.” and head of the board of directors. Bim Trimmer is My secretary… or, as he prefers to be called, My administrative assistant.

Wilford is the star of our media department, and Drs. Iplier and Schneeplestein are co-chairs of medical. Marvin is the lead technician in our Occult Studies laboratory.

There are other departments, of course, but these are the ones that receive the most traffic.

(He shrugs.)

As for the three newest “Egos”? Yes, I have indeed met them all. I meet with all new Egos before they are assigned their duties. 

Yancy is currently on loan to us from Happy Trails Penitentiary for janitorial duties, in accordance with his community service.

The good captain registered with us, as is required, and is now on an expedition generously funded by our team.

Illinois is, as I speak, on an archaeological dig, which has recently received an endowment. They will be able to thoroughly examine the dig site and their findings, as accurately as possible and taking whatever additional time that they need to complete their search.


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