Where did you find your Dark!Chica? Or does she have another name?

Her name is Chocolat, though I and My children frequently call her Choco. Chocolat is the name I gave her, and Anti started calling her Choco when they first met. She responds to either version of her name.

She is a hellhound, and I rescued her from a demon realm.

She has two forms she takes: One is that of a normal golden retriever, which she prefers to be seen as most often.

The other is her hellhound form; what you would perceive as a distorted, partially-blackened and much larger image of her more humble canine form. Consider the common understanding of such hellbeasts, if you want a very basic idea.

She has a far kinder personality and greater intelligence than most hellhounds. Her demon master had been trying to beat that uncommonly sweet nature out of her and turn her into a true monster. When I saw her, I knew I could not allow that.

So I slit his throat and took her with Me, back to the Shadow Realm.


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