Wow…..Your fiancé really has no fear of You does she? I mean, no offense meant, but You kind of low-key terrify me and I couldn’t imagine having the courage to find anything to fight You with like Grace says she did during the date.

Indeed. She did not fight Me directly, but she passed on her knowledge of lore and supernatural self-defense tactics to Melissa and Ulysses, which they utilized to their favour.

I am still uncertain whether Grace is very brave… or very foolish. Either way, she considers little of her own survival.

(He gives a sigh that’s somewhat exasperated, but still very fond.)

Perhaps it is best that I have the power to protect her from most anything that may seek to harm her. The Nine Hells know that she needs a ‘bodyguard’ of some sort.

But… were it not for that distinctive lack of self-preservation, I doubt I would have had a chance with her. She has indeed never feared Me… and that absolute trust and honesty was so very humbling. Especially when I had given her nothing at the time to prove her trust was not misplaced.

It may sound cliché, but she makes Me want to be a better man.


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