Any powers we can see? I mean there’s the obvious shadow stuff and You’re definitely more powerful than the norm cuz o’ bein’ a God and all but anythin’ else You’d less us know about Your repertoire?

My powers, as you call them, are simply a complement to My nature.

As My True Form regains its strength, you will see more of My powers before your eyes. When at My full strength, My very presence can cause earthquakes and storms.

When the time comes that My full strength has returned, I will be certain to take greater care in moving about your world, so as to not cause undue damage to the fragile fabric of its space and time.

I am, after all, a God. Possessing a particular set of skills is only one part of the equation. Strength and the wisdom of ages are two others, and have far more impact in the long term. Then there are the ineffable qualities, those that do not truly translate to human understanding.

More accurately, I am more than simply the ruler of a demon realm. I have been this, yes, and for untold eons. But, more than that, I am the very essence of darkness itself. 

The Blessed Night. The Great Concealer. The God of Silence. These – and many more – are all names I have been called, either in songs of worship or in the renderings of poets. Whether they knew they were calling to Me or not.

However, I am aware this may not be a satisfactory answer for you.

So, to put your curiosity to rest, I will remind you that I can also alter time, to an extent. This, you have seen Me do before. Though if your memory has failed you on that account, I understand. The human mind can be a fragile thing, dismissing things it cannot comprehend for the sake of one’s sanity.

After all, who do you think has ensured that you would survive the little adventures that Mark has taken with you?


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