How strong are You now? I mean, ya seem pretty damn strong to me!

Not as strong as I would like, and not as strong as I am capable of being.

I thank you for the compliment, however. I am striving to regain My strength, back to what it once was. It has taken decades, and may take a few more. Which, in My experience, does not mean much to Me… but it is the better part of a lifetime for you.

I imagine My true, full strength would be incomprehensible to the mortal mind, save for in an abstract, numerical sense. Much like My age, you have a long enough string of numbers to make the accurate calculations of time, mass, distance, and so on, that extend far beyond your short lifespan and limited knowledge. But the human mind fails to grasp the true significance behind those numbers.

Power – true, Godly power – is an abstract to the human mind, and strength is relative.

When I was young and the Universe was still new, when We Gods were all the intelligent life there was, My favourite pastime was to fashion what you call black holes. They were a necessary balance to My sister’s love of birthing stars. After all, too much light, too much fire would consume everything in the heat and flame. The existence of My lovely little insensate light-suckers ensure that that will not happen.

Our creations – and Our natures – balance one another out. As We have always done, and continue to do.

Does that help you understand how powerful I can be?


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