If You could change Your Vessel’s looks, what would change? I understand You only look so similar to Mark cuz o’ the whole possession thing that’s happened in the past, but if You could or wanted too what would You prefer to look like?

This is an interesting question. I believe you may be the first to ask about My Vessel in any great detail.

The Vessel is a simple thing, really. Think of it as the real suit that I wear. The cloth on top of it is merely decoration, really, as it is the human appearance of the Vessel that is My true clothing.

Like any piece of clothing, when it wears out, I must replace it. It is not easy to replace, granted, but not impossible.

Unlike possessing a human body, where one must share time with its existing occupant, I am the only being inhabiting the Vessel. It is created specifically by Me and for Me, and it is an empty husk without Me in it.

If there are things I do not like about My current Vessel, then I will keep it in mind with the next… “upgrade.”

That all being said, I have no complaints about My current Vessel. It serves its purpose well, and its form enables Me to interact with mortals. And, as I based its appearance on Mark – via judicious use of a DNA sample – it is quite the attractive Vessel, at least by human standards.

The only failing of creating a Vessel is that its resilience as a container is based on the strength I am able to impart to it at the time. So, as I increase My strength, My Vessel begins to crack.

(He smiles, somewhat sheepishly. A surprising expression when on His face.)

So, I suppose I do have one minor complaint, after all. It would be nice to fashion a Vessel that will not crack, no matter the pressure I put it under… but that is much like the philosophically impossible question of the Abrahamic God creating a rock too heavy for himself to lift.


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