What do You think of us, the Fandom?

I admire your passion, though I do wonder about some of you. You tend to be rather foolhardy at times, overindulging to the detriment of your very sanity.

But most of you genuinely mean well, are supportive of one another in trying times, and your collective focus on the charitable efforts Mark draws to your attention are truly inspiring. Perhaps you can be the ones to teach this world what it means to work together.

I believe you have the potential to take that tendency towards goodwill even farther.

Enjoy the things that give you pleasure, and help those you can in whatever way you can, but do not sacrifice your physical or mental health in the process.

Above all, be kind. There’s enough needless cruelty in the world, without anyone adding to it. Yes, even to those who seem unkind, at first. Perhaps they are simply having a bad day, or do not understand your point of view. Make them understand through your words and deeds.

Or, as My young associate Melissa likes to say… “Strive not to be a jerk.”


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