What’s Your favorite kind of cuisine? I mean, I figure French because You seem really classy, but I think Japanese would suit Your taste too. Though there’s nothing wrong with some good burgers either.

It might surprise you, but I quite enjoy ‘junk’ food, particularly cheeseburgers or pizza. And, like most individuals, I am prone to eating more snack foods than usual when feeling stressed.

Fortunately, My Vessel doesn’t alter in weight or experience the common mortal health issues. So I can do whatever I please in that regard, without there being consequences to My Vessel.

That being said, most haute cuisine that I have experienced has really been quite good. But there is also something to be said for the comfort of simpler fare. Either way, your species has quite a talent for turning the act of cooking a meal into an artform.

Eating is one of the pleasures of life and, for most, quite necessary to live. I don’t understand how mortals can feel so guilty about finding enjoyment in the very thing that keeps them alive. So long as one does not overindulge in unhealthy habits, there is no shame in eating whatever pleases you.


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