You’re like, a demon god from what I understand? Do You eat souls? What would I have to do to get You to eat the fucking *idiot* of the century-pardon my language-that we have as leader?

I have. It is a necessary evil, so that My True Form can regain its original strength.

You are not the first to ask this of Me.

Though I understand your frustration, you must remember that he was chosen for that post. At that, he is a puppet leader guided by those behind the throne. Removing him would create a power vacuum, which the ruthless and powerful would quickly fill with someone just as terrible.

Nothing would truly change by removing this one man.

This version of democracy, from what I have seen, is a plutocratic oligarchy hiding behind the veneer of working for the people.

If you truly wish for real change, then you – all of you mortals who feel angered by the realisation of this – must tear down the old system and replace it with a better one. Show those who have gotten too comfortable in their power that you will not tolerate their abuse anymore.

The French did what they had to do to end their corrupt monarchy, and with fire and blood they took their freedom. So must your people as well.

Then, I’ll eat them all for you.


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