Anonymous #1: What was it like when You and Miss Grace kissed?

Anonymous #2: “When did you two first kiss?

Anonymous #3: “What was the moment You knew that You’d not ever be able to stay away from Miss Grace? I mean, something had to lead to You deciding to keep her forever. Besides the obvious, of course.

I must confess, I find your curiosity about My relationship with My beloved Grace to be rather… interesting. But I will endeavour to answer your questions in a satisfactory manner.

I remember that our first real kiss was at My home, at My manor within the Shadow Realm. I had put together a Christmas party for My children to enjoy, and had invited Grace along as well. She brought a friend of hers, who was understandably nervous about her being with Me. My reputation precedes Me, after all.

There was a lovely dinner, and we danced to the music of Frank Sinatra. Then I kissed her underneath a sprig of mistletoe I had conjured. It was only a glamour, of course, as real mistletoe can be quite poisonous. It seems cliche, I’m sure, but I wanted to have a moment that Grace, Myself and My children could all enjoy.

As to what it was like… Have you ever had that first kiss and, in a moment, knew that it is right? As if every possible space and time had aligned in an instant, and you could see the future that lay before you? Knowing that this one person simply must be a part of it? Being unable to imagine what your life would be like without them in it? As if you had adjoined to one another’s very souls? In that moment, a kiss is more than just a kiss… it is a glimpse of the future.

It was then I knew that I would not be able to keep Myself away from her. In that moment, the die was cast. With every passing day, I grow more in love with this woman. It is not a question of when I knew; it was a slow awareness, as if awakening from a long sleep.Β 

But perhaps, this is the dream; in that case, I will kill the man who dares to wake Me from it.


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