Gasoline-Halsey, Broken Crown-Mumford and Sons, Black Flame-Xandria, Devil Within and Black Magic by Digital Daggers.

Thank you for your music suggestions, My love. If you will indulge Me, I shall give My opinions on these songs. (I imagine that’s why you recommended them to Me, no?)

Halsey – “Gasoline”

Regrettably, I feel nothing for this song. Perhaps, Halsey as an artist simply does not appeal to Me. However, I do appreciate her lyrical honesty. Perhaps I would find her work more enjoyable if she were to release it as a poetry book, instead.

Mumford & Sons – “Broken Crown”

It has a very modern folk quality, that is reminiscent of the folk renaissance of the 1970′s. The addition of the drums separates this from the many, many guitar ballads that inundate both the radio and on SoundCloud. I’m sure Anti would enjoy this song, as well.

“…How dare you speak of grace”? Hmm, now I can see why you selected it, dearest. Clever girl. (He chuckles.)

Xandria – “Black Flame”

Ah, yes, gothic metal. Xandria is always a delight, and they have such a wide variety of styles and vocalists in their discography. While this is not one of the best of their earlier work (I feel that honour belongs to “Sisters of the Light” and “India”, among several others), it is certainly quite good nonetheless. I don’t mind hearing it again.

Digital Daggers – “The Devil Within”

Hmm. I suppose, after listening to Xandria again, I expected the song to build more and, shall we say… “go harder” than it did. They could have, but they didn’t. How disappointing.

Pop music has its place, to be certain. But this song does not truly match the intensity of the lyrics.

Digital Daggers – “Black Magic”

I am not convinced that their music is to My taste. But again, like with Halsey, I can appreciate the lyrical content. With such darkly poetic lyrics, one would expect this group to take more musical risks. The instrumentation feels too “safe” in comparison, and I feel this sense of caution works against them.


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