Meg? Um, is it okay if I ask you… you got here? I mean, how’d you end up with this family?

(A young woman in a leather bomber jacket, thin lacy top and skinny jeans approaches you. She’s in the process of pulling her long black mane of hair back, and her eyes give you the impression she’s a very no-nonsense kind of person. A hint of Dark’s aura surrounds her, and there is a faint echo – very much like her father’s – as she responds to you, in a light and surprisingly girlish voice.)

Hey, anonymous person I’ve never met. Thanks for hanging out with me. I’m not surprised you’re curious about that. So, I’m gonna give you the Cliffs Notes version, okay?

Daddy – I mean, Dark to you – He found me. He came to me in a dream, when I was a pathetic, scared, lost human.

I definitely wasn’t living my best life then. I was in a job that sucked, my human father – who’s a useless drunk – was wandering in and out of my life. Mostly to ask for money I didn’t have so he could avoid his creditors. And I’d been thinking about giving up. About giving up on everything.

But He found me. And He understood everything I’d been through, and He told me that – if I wanted to have a good family, one that actually gives a shit about me – I could be with Him.

I met Anti too, the day He gave me that choice. And I know Anti likes to act all tough, but he’s really just kind of a butthead. The little brother I’d never had until now.

(She grins, clearly quite fond of her sibling.)

I said the big Yes. I let Dark in, and He took all my pain and fear away. Emptied me of everything that was holding me back, and made me strong and powerful.

Am I a demon? Well, duh.

But I’m a demon that was once a fragile, pathetic human, and He remade me in His image. To be strong, to be what I should have always been. Dark is my true father, and everything from before? It doesn’t matter anymore, because that’s ancient history now.

Well, okay, not ancient. It’s only been a few years. But it’s a different lifetime, a different me.

So yeah, I guess you could say I’m a major Daddy’s Girl. And I will be grateful to Daddy forever because He saved me.


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