Dark, Sir don’t smite me for this, please but with how protective You are of Miss Grace I wonder um is she Your first Mate?

She is not. My relationship with Grace is the second time in My very long life that I have found a Mate.

And I love Grace as much as I did My first.

My first Mate…

(He sighs.)

Her name would be unpronounceable to you. But that is not what is important.

My former Mate and I had been together when I was still in My native realm, the demon world that I ruled for eons. We were together for just a handful of centuries. She’s was an uncommonly kind soul, in a world that neither understood nor appreciated her kindness.


She died. They murdered her.

And they will pay.

I failed to protect her, but I will not fail to avenge her.

When I have enough of My strength back… 

They will pay.


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