Do You like video games? Would it be alright if we gave you a few to check out on YT?

I do enjoy some video games, as well as watching others play. My children enjoy them as well.

If you wish to offer Me videos to watch, particularly playthroughs of said games, then you will have to provide the names of the videos, and the name of the channel on which they can be found.

It seems that the dumb, hulking beast that is Tumblr takes issue with any sort of links being sent directly to My inbox, even if they are Youtube videos. I understand the intent is likely a security measure on their part, however, so I will not take them to task for it.

To conclude: If you have a video recommendation, of any kind, name it with any specifics you can in mind. This will be so that I may find the exact video you are hoping to share.


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