Hey, Anti? So…how the he-*they pause thinking better* How the heck did you end up with Dark as a Dad?

Uh… Pop’s gone to lie down for a tic. What did ya f̴͎̜̆e̶̡͖̾c̴̃͜͝k̷̟̯͗ȩ̷̙̿͘r̶̲̍ṡ̷͇̄ say to Him?!

(Anti looks back at the recordings of the previous conversations.)

Well, damn. That’s certainly a can o’ worms alright…

Maybe I can keep yas company fer now while the Ol’ Man is… indisposed, He’d call it.

(He gives a bright smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes, and jiggles with nervous energy.)

I was demon-ized by some rando who left me fer dead in some shithole warehouse in the middle a’ buttfuck n̶͙̪̾o̷͎̜̅ẅ̷͉̯́̋h̸̬́ȩ̵̑r̸̺͑̅e̶̱͗.

And, y’know the Big Boss Man was just passin’ through. I felt His presence with my new demon-y senses an’ called out to Him.

We talked. I didn’t wanna be alone, and He didn’t neither.

And that was basically it. We been fam’ly ever since.

Oh… and before I forget…

(He snickers.)

Tell Meg she still owes me five quid for that time I kicked her arse at Mario Kart. Princess still won’t give it to me.

(Meg, from elsewhere in their home: “YOU CHEATED, YOU GLITCHY LITTLE FUCK!”)

Ĭ̶̖ ̸̛̰̯͘d̵̨̻̂i̸̮̥͋n̴̯̿̌n̷͇͑͘ḁ̵̄e̵̘̓!̸̘̩̌ It’s not my fault you SUCK at racing games!


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