I’m trying to get Ash to come talk to you! I promise! They’re just not having a good day…. And I do treat ’em right…. I treat them better than I treat myself most of the time…. I love them with my entire being and soul, so you don’t have to worry about them ever being treated badly again, I promise and I swear on my life….

Oh! Well, I’d be happy to talk to ‘em!

(There’s something like renewed hope in his expression. He bounces slightly with a nervous energy.)

Ash can come talk to me, if they like! I mean… if it isn’t too much trouble fer ‘em.

And if they don’t feel like talkin’…

Tell ‘em I hope they feel better soon. No p̴͚͙̍̓r̴̜̲͐̄e̵͎͚͠͠s̷̜͑̚s̵̙̗̍ǘ̸͚r̶͉̱̾e̸̦̗̓.


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