Who’s the guard dog with the Gif responses? Chick seems a bit more involved then a normal person.





The protective one is Lady Amber, who has pledged her fealty to Me and Mine some time ago.

I would suggest you speak of her with more respect. She has earned it many times over.

Dearest Anon

Kindly take this moment to reflect upon what you are saying and who you are speaking to.

While M’Lord is far better at Expressing himself though words.

I can at times find the ability to communicate myself as well.

So please. From the bottom of my black-cold-dead-heart.

Go. Fuck. Yourself.

I know more then you could EVER even hope to imagine. I am no mere “Guard Dog”.. Hahaha. Oh, dear no.

I am referred to as a Bitch.

But Honestly?

I’m not a Bitch. I am THE Bitch. And that’s MISS Bitch to you.

Now, Lady Amber. Perhaps the veiled one initially misunderstood both your status in My court and your intent.

This is would be an understandable oversight, and easily corrected.

If they were to apologize to you sincerely, then We would consider the matter concluded. And you may move forward with that, appeased by the knowledge that no ill-will was meant.

If they do not wish to apologize for their error… then you have Our permission to do whatever you wish to them that you feel would be appropriate payment for the insult.

Yes, Sir. Understood.

(He nods.)

We await your response, veiled one.


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