You are not any “Lady” I’ve ever met. Dark, man you got some crazy females up in here. If I wasn’t worried for my own Dick I’d come off Anonymous. I was going to ask more about Meg, see what she would be into. But she seems to have Lady issues that worry me. Your family is a bit crazy dude. It’s fun to watch but I know when I’m beat.

(He gives a low growl, His eyes going completely black as the air pressure increases, stealing your breath. You just made a huge mistake, talking shit about His daughter.)

You had one chance. You are only “beaten” by your own cowardice and disrespectful attitude. You will never know My daughter, because she would not be the kind to waste her time with someone like you.

Meg would be “into” those who respect her friends and family, thereby showing respect for her. The fact that you speak ill of My daughter simply because a family friend – who has proven herself more than capable and worthy of her title – wishes to protect her says nothing good about you.

It shows how low a being you are. And a low creature such as you will never be worthy of My princess or the company she keeps.

Amber, you may do with them as you please. Get this filth out of My sight.

(The God-King imperiously points the way out of the room, His expression visibly fuming even while still calm enough to issue His order.)


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