And with that, My inbox has once again emptied.

As a reminder, Tumblr can be rather… finicky, shall we say, when sending your questions. Something to keep in mind, that might help you, is to eliminate any odd symbols or excessive punctuation from your “asks”. Perhaps that will appease the algorithm.

Or, perhaps My son is being a nuisance again. I know not which.

In any case, if I did not answer a question you had sent, please rephrase it and send it again. If you have a gift for Me, or there is something you would like for Me to see, then you are also welcome to create a submission.

If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact My associate @melissatreglia. She will be happy to assist in whatever way she can.

I wish to accommodate all of you, so long as your questions and comments are given respectfully.

Or, as one anonymous individual had replied to Me when I gave My decision on the matter:

“Roger that, don’t be a dick.”

I look forward to whatever may be on your little minds, My young friends. Let us engage in conversation, shall we?


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